Cleaning and decontamination

Air Conditioner / Heat Pump / Mini Split Cleaning

Professional maintenance service

You noticed a problem?

  • ​It is not cooling as well as it used to.
    It does not give as much fresh air.
  • It does an unusual noise.
  • It smells !!!
    ... mold, humidity ...
  • You see traces of water on the wall.
It is not going to get any better ... !

Stop coping now!

Don't wait for your air conditioner to break down,
a repair will cost you a lot more than maintenance!
We usually respond within 2 hours!

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Punctual, courteous and professional, I recommend this company without hesitation. Clear and detailed explanations from the first call and throughout the service. No surprises with billing and everything was clean and replaced when they left! A big thank you !
Professional work! they protected the work areas. The people there were really nice. They explained to us the work to be done. The air is really of better quality. I recommend this company to those who are looking for peace of mind.
(514) 424-6195

Cleaning of a
Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or Mini Split

  • Inspection and testing
  • ​Preparation
    We proceed with caution to protect your property.
  • ​Optimally calibrated pressure cleaning
  • ​We apply bio decontaminant foam
    (we let it rest for 15-20 minutes)
  • ​Several rinses
    Until complete satisfaction of our expert.
  • Fogging of antimicrobial solution on all components of your unit.
  • ​Cleaning and unclogging of the external drain.
  • ​Cleaning of the cooling coils
    and fins of the exterior condenser

    from debris, dust, etc. that often reduce its performance.
  • ​Total time of service: between 1h30 to 2h00 on average
  • ​You will receive additional information
    to improve performance until the next maintenance.

Ventek Air Solution
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and courteous service

(514) 424-6195

We usually respond within 2 hours!

(514) 424-6195

We usually respond within 2 hours!
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