Cleaning and Unclogging of Your Dryer Duct and Vent

Dryer Duct / Vent Cleaning

Professional maintenance service

It doesn't dry as well as it used to?

  • Your clothes take longer to dry than before.
    It isn't ¨up to the task anymore¨.
  • Your whites don't seem to be as white
    as they used to be ...
  • ​You find that your dryer is overheating.
    That your clothes are much hotter than before.
  • You have noticed that the outside exhaust outlet of your dryer is full of lint.
  • At the outlet, the airflow is not very strong.
Your duct is probably full of lint and clogged.

Why Endure This
Longer ?

With the right tools, it's pretty easy to fix.
We usually respond within 2 hours!

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Punctual, courteous and professional, I recommend this company without hesitation. Clear and detailed explanations from the first call and throughout the service. No surprises with billing and everything was clean and replaced when they left! A big thank you !
Professional work! they protected the work areas. The people there were really nice. They explained to us the work to be done. The air is really of better quality. I recommend this company to those who are looking for peace of mind.
(514) 424-6195

Dryer Duct & Vent cleaning

  • ​First of all, we will be happy to assist you in
    checking if you can do it yourself.

    To save you a service call if it is very simple.
  • ​We work very often from the outside,
    which is where the blockage is, 90% of the time or more.
  • ​We do a thorough cleaning. We go back and forth from the vent to  the dryer trap several times until it's completely clear.
  • ​If we need to work from the inside, no worries, we take care of everything.  Moving your dryer, we use our dust collectors with HEPA filters and, while we are there, we also clean behind your dryer “on the house”.
  • We make recommendations.
  • In many cases you can reduce the length of the flexible duct and reduce risks of problems. If you accept and while we're at it, we'll do that for you.
  • Suggesting what to look for.
  • Mistakes to avoid and best practices for using and maintaining your dryer ...

Ventek Air Solution
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and courteous service

(514) 424-6195

We usually respond within 2 hours!

(514) 424-6195

We usually respond within 2 hours!
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