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Hygiene and Air Quality

Is this a problem at home?
You may be surprised to learn that the air quality inside most homes is usually five times more polluted than the air outside !!!

The main reason is that the air in your home does not circulate as much as the air outside. As a result, some pollutants affect your lungs, such as dust, dirt, cooking fumes and grease, animal hair, skin.

Clues that you may be having air quality issues are that you often sneeze, cough, have sinus and bronchial congestion, and you're not sure why

The air exchanger, this neglected ... It is the lung of your home. When was the last time you had it cleaned? You are probably breathing poorer quality air. You are probably breathing more stale air than you think.
Your central system circulates all dust, dirt, cooking fumes and grease, animal hair, skin, etc. Your system performs at maximum efficiency when it is in new condition! Even slight accumulation of dust and dirt decreases its effectiveness. ... Good to know.
Have you noticed a problem? It doesn't refresh as well as before, makes an unusual noise, smells ... there's water on the wall. So please don't wait for it to break down.
 Why doesn't it cool as well as it used to?
It happens that you need a repair. But most of the time is that it requires a good cleaning.
 Why is it making noise (clicking)?
Your fan in the unit may have misaligned slightly due to the buildup of contaminants.
 Why does it have an unpleasant odor?
You probably won't be thrilled to learn that it is bacteria stuck in the ducts of your air conditioner.
Let us clean it up. Details.
Your dryer is not working as well as it used to. Does it take much longer to dry? And you find that it is overheating. Your duct is probably full of lint. You can do it yourself or Details.
 What are the five most famous signs that your dryer duct is blocked?
  • Drying time: Much longer than before.
    Sometimes you notice it's doubled.
  • Overheating: The top of the dryer is hotter than before. Your clothes are too!
  • Burnt smell: This is not a good sign.
  • Clothing color: You have the impression that your white clothes are not as white as they used to be.
  • ​Outside exhaust: The expelled air does not blow strongly. There is a lot of lint visible.
Did you know that very hot lint can ignite spontaneously? Insurers recommend having this duct cleaned every five years. Please make an appointment to have your duct cleaned and read some of the precautions we suggest... more

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my air conditioning system take longer to cool the air than before?
Most of the time, the coil requires cleaning. If the temperature goes down and your system goes back to normal after cleaning, the solution was a simple maintenance service. However, if nothing changes, it might require refrigerant fluid or an inspection and repair by a refrigeration specialist.
Why is my air conditioning system noisy?
The most likely reason is that your filters are very dirty. Lack of air at the inlet causes noise and forces your air conditioner. Cleaning the filter periodically prevents this problem.
Why does my air conditioning system make noise (clicking) when I turn it on?
Most of the time, the coil requires cleaning. If the temperature goes down and your system goes back to normal after cleaning, the solution was a simple maintenance service. However, if nothing changes, it might require refrigerant fluid or an inspection and repair by a refrigeration specialist.
Why is there an unpleasant smell coming from my air conditioner when I turn it on?
An air conditioner that generates odors must be cleaned. A complete decontamination and cleaning service will solve this problem.<br>
This smell is usually caused by small creatures that are stuck in the channels and cannot get out. Thorough cleaning will rid you of these contaminants causing unpleasant odours.
Why does my air conditioning system generate hot air instead of cold air?
If you have checked that your system is in the correct mode, it is highly likely that a service call will be required. A technician will need to evaluate the gas levels and possibly the compressor or other components.
Why does my air conditioning system no longer turn on?
If the batteries in your remote control are good and it works, try to turn it on manually. The manual switch is normally located near the electrical panel. If you can't turn it on, or if you manage to switch it on manually but cannot do so with the remote control, contact a technician. Usually the problem is with the receiver.
Why is my air conditioning system less powerful than before?
This is most likely caused by excessive dirt preventing the air from circulating properly. You can often double the air circulation capacity simply with a good cleaning and decontamination of your air conditioner.

The efficiency of your fan, which is equipped with approximately 400 blades, is greatly reduced by encrusted dirt. The dirt that gets stuck to the tips of the blades weighs down your fan, making it perform less well.
Why does an air conditioning system become a source of fungal contamination?
The ambient air circulating in your device always contains dust made up of organic and biological particles. Even with excellent filters, it is impossible to collect all the dust. A good quantity of particles passes the filter and goes and adheres to the surface of the evaporator. Fungi are created by mixing particles and water droplets sticking on the evaporator.
Does fungal contamination have an impact on the quality of the air that circulates in my home?
Yes, there's a big impact. A contaminated air conditioning system is fertile ground for the appearance of mold and various biological contaminants that then circulate in your home. Your air conditioner becomes a direct or indirect source of volatile organic contamination when it is contaminated.

Although the primary purpose of the air conditioner is to provide you with comfort, it also creates an ideal environment for the appearance of mold and the circulation of it in your home. The risks are mainly at the level of the formation of cultures creating allergens.
How to avoid this type of contamination?
Regular maintenance of your air conditioner and an anti-microbial treatment eliminates mold, fungi and bacteria without taking into account the preventive aspect prolonging the life and efficiency of your system. You will also reduce your energy cost and thereby also help reduce the environmental footprint of your system.
What are the consequences and signs of a dirty air exchanger?
A soiled and contaminated air exchanger due to lack of maintenance makes the filters clog faster. When the air intake filter is clogged with contaminants in the air, this can become sufficiently clogged so that the air does not pass at all and, as the filter on the exhaust side of the exchanger gets dirty less quickly, air continues to exit even if it enters less. The house is then in negative pressure.

When the exhaust filter is clogged too, the entire air exchanger is useless because it no longer does its job. So you end up in a "sealed envelope" and breathe the stale and polluted air of your house because it cannot be renewed.

The lack of maintenance of the filter means that the fans also get dirty faster and must therefore be cleaned and decontaminated by a qualified technician.

You can easily see that cleaning your air exchanger is required by looking at your windows and frames. If moisture, droplet or even frost in winter is noticeable, it’s really overdue and time to have it cleaned and decontaminated.
Signs that your dryer duct is blocked?
The two main reasons a dryer duct becomes clogged are, the build-up of lint from clothes, cloths and sometimes a bird's nest that are attracted to the heat.

Five clear signs
  • The drying time is longer than usual.
    Sometimes the drying time can be double due to a blocked duct/vent.
  • Your clothes and the outside of your dryer gets extremely hot.
  • Any smell of burning often means a blocked duct.
  • ​The flaps of your air outlet do not open completely when the dryer is in operation.
  • ​Depending on the number of people living under the same roof, in general you should have your duct inspected and cleaned every two years.

30% of dryer fires are caused by poor duct maintenance. In addition, with a clean duct, you reduce the drying time, therefore your energy cost and the premature wear of your dryer.
Why should you avoid cleaning your dryer duct using rotating brushes?
For residential dryers, flexible conduits connected to the rigid conduit may be present. Any cleaning using brushes can damage the ducts. Professional company does not use brush. A negative pressure nozzle system as well as a dust / lint catcher such as the Dryercollector ™ is efficient, safe and ensures that no duct will be damaged.

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  • We use the best equipment and products in the industry
    including dust collectors with 4 levels of filtration including a HEPA filter (medical / pharmaceutical grade).
    Our recuperators store all contaminants / dust without leaving any behind.
  • We use ORGANIC products.
  • For the inspection of your conduits,
    we use real professional cameras with integrated LED lighting rather than domestic endoscopes offering a very limited view.
  • From our arrival to our departure,
    our teams offer peace of mind and an exceptional experience. We orchestrate all our efforts to obtain your five-star rating,
    nothing less!


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We usually respond within 2 hours!

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We usually respond within 2 hours!
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